Welcome to the PageDomination “Marketing Blueprint” for Business Online Training Course. We are extremely excited to share this journey with you. You are about to experience a very powerful training platform that WILL generate results for your business. Stay tuned, hang on and get ready for some awesomeness…

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If you’re new to PageDomination or our “Marketing Blueprint” training course, learn more about our exclusive four levels of training we will be presenting during this course. Based on OUR years of experience with Online Marketing and Promotion, we know what works and what doesn’t. With this said, we have carefully crafted the course format to build a strong foundation to scale your business and to outperform all traditional methods of advertising.  In addition, our training and the results are all measurable, tracked, and reported.  No more guessing what works and what doesn’t!  Now you can take control of your marketing and advertising dollars…

Within each of our course Phases, we have several WHAT, HOW and WHY lessons that will radically impact your business to create more traffic and sales. This instructional course information is so dynamic we are Online Superheros!

  1. Phase One: Foundation
  2. Phase Two: Evaluation
  3. Phase Three: Promotion
  4. Phase Four: Domination

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Michael L. Mattos and Ryan Perry

Michael L. Mattos Lounge Chair Marketer
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